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Adventure Next Balkans – Great Event And Great People

Hiking adventure Crn Kamen

Time for Macedonia participate with two Day Of Adventure tours, and
was great experience for us. It was a first time to have such a contribute, especially when you have respectably tour operators, media, diplomatic delegates.

Paragliding Ohrid

Day 1 – Let`s get going

Finally the adrenaline day has come, the sun is up (everyone is happy), the guides are ready, everything is set for the start.
First one is DOA – No. 23 Crn Kamen peak, summit hike at Jablanica Mountain. Our guide Bojan is gathering the participants and they are off to the village Gorna Belica. In the van we have: Jenny Ersbak (ladies first :D) from http://glpfilms.com/ , Thierry Joubert from http://www.greenvisions.ba/ , Lubomir Popiordanov from http://www.hiking-bulgaria.com/ , Ricardo Fahrig from http://zbulo.org/ and the last but not the least Aleksandar Kirkovski our second guide.
The driving is over, it is time for hiking. We started form Gorna Belica (1316 masl.) and in three hours hiking through wonderful nature we reach the Crn Kamen peak (2257 masl.). Being at the highest point from all of the DOAs, we celebrate it with well-deserved lunch and little bit of sunbathing. Unfortunately this equilibrium had to end, and we started descending towards Gorna Belica, passing through the glacial lake (one of the fours at the mountain) where we had a little bit of sunbathing.
After 6 hours of: hiking, taking pictures, laughing, enjoying …. The adventure ended but the memories remained.

Ready for hiking

The Day of Adventure – No.24: Paragliding over Ohrid Lake

Bit worried because of the weather, but the sun came out and looked like a perfect day.
We start gathering the group: Eldvin Gakic (http://www.tudupraft.com/), Bridget Nurre Jennions (http://www.bridgekrieg.com/), Simon Schoepf (http://www.bergwelten.com/) Biljana Georgievska – Swiss Embassy Skopje, two very charming girls from CARANA Corporation, Arben and Bexheti from Kosovo municipality. It was pleasure to meet you all and thank you for the great reviews.

The licensed pilots were ready (Igor, Smote, Smile and Darko), also the ranger from Galichica national Park Gjuro has joined us. The Adventure has startted,we drove up to the Galichica starting point (around 2000masl.) with perfect scenery on the Ohrid Lake. Four people of the group went to fly, the others went with the ranger, for a safari on Galichica Mountain and vice – verse, later one. Safe and sound and all excited from the flight, we continued to St.Naum – restaurant Ostrovo to enjoy the beautiful lunch and music. The restaurant lies on the Crn Drim springs, looking towards Ohrid Lake.
Huh,our tour ended, we learn how to improve ourselves and a lot of tips.

Day two Paragliding


Day 2 – Market Place, table number 41.

We had 10 meetings appointed, Hakan Traner (http://www.aventyrsresor.se/) first meeting, exchanging ideas and presenting our beautiful country ….nice conversation, hopefully for good cooperation. Emma Garrick (http://www.exodus.co.uk/), the second meeting and start to rain :(. Not so much chance to talk, but we will give you interesting packages very soon and attract UK tourist to come and see. Matthias Leuze (http://www.asi-reisen.de/) nice friendly face, great meeting and good ideas too, Marta Gielato (https://www.wildfrontierstravel.com/en_GB/), together we will convince your bosses to come here and start bringing groups. Next one was Bruno Toutain (http://www.cyclomundo.com/) the cycling man from France, the last meeting was with Jime Kane (http://culturexplorers.com/) who wants to explore our customs and traditions. Tired but happy, with bottle of Macedonian wine we finished second day.

Day 3: Media meet up.
Today was more relaxed, we had media session with, Hendrik MorkelΒ (Freelance Outdoor Travel Journalist & Photographer in hikinginfinland.com), Larissa Olenicoff the American blogger girl who lives in Kosovo (http://blonde-gypsy.com/), representatives from http://www.lonelyplanet.com/ and etc. How we can contact the media and tell our stories, to become more visible. They gave us good advices and tips and I hope that we gave them good stories to write about πŸ™‚ I liked the opportunity to speak with several media because this is the chance to promote our country and the incoming tourism in Macedonia.

Nature Crn Kamen


Thank you ATTA for this great opportunity to be a part of global adventure industry. It’s Time For Macedonia ….RELEASE THE NATURE


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