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Where the sky is not limit

If You are on a quest for more excitement, fun, extreme pleasure or simply something more. And You are prepared to walk the path not many passed .Where the sky is no limit, reality exceeds the dreams, achievement surpasses the expectations, where love, fun, happiness and friendship are not strange words You will find Vertigo. Experienced enough to teach but more eager to learn. Open for everyone that wants to feel the taste of good flying, extreme fun and good friendship.

Established 2002 by pilots shearing the same passion for flying forming the spine of the open club that up today is continuously expanding and growing in to world wide network of members. Whoever ones touches the Magic of Vertigo is always coming back for more.

Vertigo’s Activity is spread far beyond the limits of paragliding. Besides free flying and XC flying the club organizes paragliding courses, tandem flying, competitions and paragliding tours. Professionalism, complete devotion and personal involvement of all the members brings the club to higher levels, exploring the limits and stretching the boundaries within all activities, with special accent to personal safety. Established active communication and cooperation with other paragliding clubs from Macedonia and clubs from all over the world. As well as dealership relations with many premium brand paragliding manufactures, offering complete paragliding equipment.

Always ready to traveling around the world to discover new challenges, beautiful flying sites and to meet new friends. Always in Motion not only in the air, but in all outdoors sports, mounting biking, alpine climbing, mountaineering, snowboard, diving, kite surfing, motorcycling, basketball, snowballing, skating, rafting and everything that keep us on the edge of extreme fun and excitement.

Vertigo is open club – open for party, fun, friendship, cold beer and barbecue especially after good flying that make as all the happiest people in the world.

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